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Though officially a washing machine is supposed to reduce the time and effort required for washing clothes, in reality the time actually taken depends on the quality and age of the machine. When the machine is new and in the warranty period, there is usually no major problem with the machine, all the clothes will be washed in a one hour or slightly more, depending on the load on the machine. However, after 4-5 years, the washing machine problems will start, and they will worsen, over a period of time. Repairing the machine is only a short term solution, repairs are required every year or after a few months

One of the main problems is that the time taken to wash the clothes will vary greatly. The user expects the washing cycle to completed within one hour or slightly more time after completing the washing cycles. However, in some cases, it is noticed that the washing cycle continues for 7-8 hours or even more. After draining the water instead of drying the clothes, the valve will open and water will fill the tub, and the washing will again continue. In addition to wasting electricity the clothes are also getting spoiled, since they are being beaten repeatedly when the machine malfunctions.

Another major problem are the pipes in the machines, especially the drain external pipes, Depending on the quality of the pipes, they will develop holes after some time. The dirty water from these holes will leak and flood the kitchen or other area where the machine is located. Mopping up the flooded floor takes a lot of time, especially if there is nothing for mopping. Often the time taken for mopping the floor is far more than the time taken for washing the clothes manually. Applying tape to the leaking area can fix the problem, however the user has to spend time observing the area which is leaking so that the tape can be applied to the right place.

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